Monumentaal is van het begin af aan een sleutelwoord in de vormgeving van Mieke Blits, in zowel haar geometrische als organische objecten. Zij benadert keramiek als vrije vormgever en gebruikt verschillende keramische technieken om monumentale en heldere vormen te maken. Mieke heeft vooral in haar beginperiode veel gegoten en experimenteerde om een eigen vormgeving te vinden. Momenteel maakt zij vooral handvormen.

Het maakproces, het knijpen, duwen en vormen van de klei geeft haar de meeste voldoening en daarin gaat ze graag de uitdaging aan om ook het toeval een kans te geven. Zij probeert techniek, vormgeving en kleur te laten samenvloeien in een simpele, krachtige, gestroomlijnde en persoonlijke vormgeving.

Mieke Blits graduated from the Ceramics Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where she started The Steengoed Collective with five other ceramists, ‘steengoed’ being a Dutch homophone meaning both ‘stoneware’ and ‘very good’. The collective was both a success and inspiration, collectively and individually, as ideas were stimulated, equipment and environment shared, and many expositions held. Blits worked for the Steengoed Collective from 1971 until 1984, a period in which she also studied at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1978.

In 1974, Mieke Blits was awarded a one year scholarship at the Ceramic Workcenter in Heusden, the Netherlands (now the E.K.W.C., Den Bosch, the Netherlands). This award allowed her to work independently on her development as a ceramic artist. Additionally, in 1981, Blits was granted a travel bursary from the Dutch government to study Japanese ceramics. This greatly expanded her artistic and cultural horizons, which Blits continues to pursue today in her love of world travel and continuous search for artistic inspiration

Mieke Blits is also an arts educator. As a dedicated artist and teacher, she enjoyed the experience of both sharing and gaining information in the classroom, while also having the time to work independently in her own studio. Blits continues to work and create in a studio she acquired in 1984, located on Tasmanstraat 15 — a large, beautiful, old school building and historic monument, close to where she lives and finds creative stimuli today.

Currently, Mieke Blits works in small series, mostly hand formed objects and one of a kind. Her formes are powerful and simple. She likes to play with shapes and techniques until she finds the right balance. This gives her work a certain tension and dynamic. Furthermore, color and color combinations are very important in her work to accentuate the unassuming shapes she creates. She is a specialist in the architectonic design of vases, which stems from her desire to create functional art. This became the Blits-trademark!