Bio & CV

Mieke Blits (Amsterdam 1949) graduated in 1971 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam

She has been working as a ceramist for 50 years and her work is characterized by an architectural and monumental appearance, in both geometric and organic forms.           

She approaches ceramics as a free designer and uses ceramic techniques to create clear objects with a streamlined simple shape and a functional function. Instead of the many molds she used to produce, in recent years it has almost exclusively been hand-moulded, because the interaction with the clay is essential for her. Experimenting with clay, looking for her own design is her passion. 

Mieke works mostly with hand formed objects that are one of a kind. Her forms are powerful and simple. She likes to play with shapes and techniques until she finds the right balance. This gives her work a certain tension and dynamism. Furthermore, color and color combinations are very important in her work to accentuate the unassuming shapes she creates. She is a specialist in the architectural design of vases, which stems from her desire to create functional art. This became the Blits trademark!

From 1972 to 2013 she was involved in art education, at Academies, High Schools, Secondary Schools and projects. A part-time job gave her the freedom to work independently. 

Mieke works in small series, based on a theme, which she elaborates as much as possible. During that process, the forms become freer, more personal and larger.     

1967 to 1971 – Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam  (Ceramic design)

1978 – San Francisco Art Institute

1996 – Work grant Fund for the Arts
1981 – Travel grant for a study trip to Japan
1974 – Stipend for 1 year Keramisch Werkcentrum Heusden

Work owned by:
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Groninger Museum
Princessehof Leeuwarden
Centraal Museum Utrecht
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
Design Museum Ghent
Design Museum Den Bosch
Province of Utrecht
Province of South Holland
Municipality of Amsterdam
National Collection

1986 to 2017 – Design and implementation of the Cinekid Awards
2005 – Business gift for Westerpark district council, Amsterdam
1997 – Design Ava Keramiek Award
1987 – War Memorial Transvaalbuurt Amsterdam

Teaching positions:
1993 to 2013 – Da Vinci College, Purmerend  (teacher Crafts / Ceramics / CKV)
1994 to 1995 – Individual Secondary Art Education, Amsterdam  (teacher Visual Expression / Ceramics) 
1989 to 1990 – Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences  (teacher Visual education )
1982 to 1990 – Amsterdam University of the Arts  (teacher Ceramics) School of the Arts
1972 to 1976 – Academy for Visual Arts, Amersfoort  (teacher Ceramics) Academy for Visual Design

1984 to present – ​​Own studio  (Tasmanstraat 15, Amsterdam)
1987 to 1990 – Co-founder of and worked at Kunst in Kleine Serie ( Blits & Co, Rozengracht 65, Amsterdam )
to 1984 – Co-founder of and works at Stichting Steengoed  (Singel 386, Amsterdam)

Edition Design Museum, Den Bosch
Benno Premsela – Frederic Baas 2018
Catalog clay exhibition Haags Gemeentemuseum, 8 November 2014 to 12 April 2015
For example / Elle Wonen / Het Parool
Contemporary ceramics in the Netherlands – Piet Augustijn 2008
Catalog Ava Keramiek Award 1997 Catalog
Government Purchases
Catalog Amsterdam Buys Art
From clay to ceramics – Marieke Koudstaal
Ceramics at the Stedelijk – Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
The New Ceramics – Peter Dormen, 1986
Dutch ceramics 1975 – 1985 – Mieke Spruit-Ledenboer

Exhibitions  (selection)  :
Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2023
Rietveld Pavilion Amersfoort 2022
Galerie Hooffzaak Amsterdam 2022 /2023
KunstRai Amsterdam 2022
Exposition Internationale “Art Contemporain” Maison Gramont 2021 Fanjeaux France 2021
WG Kunst Amsterdam 2020 / 2022
Ad Gallery, Antwerp 2018 / 2019
Art Amsterdam 2017
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag 2015
Hoofdzaak Gallery, Amsterdam 2016
Exhibition Collection Achterberg, Makkum 2010
Masterful Design and Craft, Eindhoven 2009
Ad Gallery, Antwerp 2009
Gorcums Museum, Gorinchem 2008
Hans Appenzeller Gallery, Amsterdam 2007
Dutch Design Center, Utrecht 2007
Galerie Car la Koch, Amsterdam 1996/ 2005/ 2006
De Muzeval, Emmen 1998
Exhibition In Contex, Groninger Museum 1997
With VES Free Designers, Amsterdam 1997
Showcases ABN-AMRO Bank Vijzelstraat, Amsterdam 1996
Art Amsterdam 1995
Gallery Serious Affairs, Amsterdam 1995
Gemeentemuseum Weert 1994
Museum Tiendschuur, Tegelen 1994
Art fair RAI, Amsterdam 1993
Gallery Image Right, Amsterdam 1992
Galerie M, Kassel 1989
Art trajectory I, II & III, Amsterdam 1988 / 1991
Galerie Heine HOUSE, 1988
Gallery Detail, Amsterdam 1997
Elleboogkerk, Amersfoort 1985
Slot Zeist, 1984
Museum Aemstelle, Amstelveen 1982

Museum Princessehof, Leeuwarden 1980 /1997
Fodor , Amsterdam 1978
Elsevier, Amsterdam 1977
GSA Hilversum 1977
Gallery Kapberg, Egmond Aan den Hoef 1977

Singer Museum, Laren 1976
Museum Flehite, Amersfoort
Galerie Bouma, Amsterdam 1975

Cosa, Delft 1 97 5
SBK Amsterdam 1974 / 1983 / 1990 / 1992
Galerie De Ark, Boxtel 1974
Singer Museum, Laren 1974
Van Hulsen Gallery, Leeuwarden 1973
Facet Gallery, Amsterdam 1972
Kapelhuis Gallery, Amersfoort 1971 / 1976 / 1978 / 1985 / 1989